12 Year Old Cat Has Become Very Unsociable

These cat problems are to do with my friend's cat, Mollly.

Molly was two years old when my friend got her and has always been a loving cat and would spend all evenings sat on her knee and nights sleeping on her bed.

But suddenly, about a month ago, Molly has taken to spending all her time on top of the kitchen units or under the bed, only coming out for food or to use the toilet.

Have you any idea please what the problem could be as there have been no changes in the home environment.

Reply from Liz (Editor): Is is definitely the case that nothing has changed in the environment or in Molly's situation that could have upset her? The reason I ask is that these kinds of cat problems are often due to changes that the cat isn't happy about, and some of these are such that they may not even cross your mind as being potential reasons for the cat getting upset.

This page on my website - Feline Depression - goes through some of the non-physical things that may upset a cat and cause negative changes in their mood. It also suggests ways to deal with these.

If your friend is sure that there are no changes in the environment or her cat's routine that may have caused this sudden change, the next most likely cause is a health problem or illness.

Molly is getting on a bit in years now, and it is possible that there's a problem with her health. It may not be so bad yet as to spoil her appetite (hence she's still eating OK), but it could be enough to just make her withdrawn and unsociable. If it is a health problem, the sooner it can be treated, the better, so I'd suggest your friend takes her to the vet for a check-up.

I hope this helps.

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