2 Year Old Female Cat Attacked My Sons & My Legs for No Apparent Reason

My 2 year old female cat had a litter of kittens approx 4 months ago. Today as my son walked past her she jumped up my son's legs and scratched down his legs 2 or 3 times than ran away. I tried to chase her outside the house (as she is an in / outdoor cat) and she did exactly the same to me but worse - I ended up going to hospital to be treated and given a tetanus jab.

I am now worried that as she is used to being outdoors and around children - she may attack a child in a buggy or toddler in my street.

Please give me some advice on what to do. At the moment she is in my garden keeping her distance from me and I am afraid to let her back inside in case she does it again.

Please help

Thank you

Reply from Liz (Editor): I'm really sorry you're having these cat problems. I'm not totally sure what the reasons are, but I can offer some suggestions that I hope may help.

Cats rarely - if ever - attack for no reason at all. I'm not at all suggesting that you or your son were the reason - it's much more likely it was you that both unfortunately ended up in her firing line.

A normally sweet natured cat that suddenly and inexplicably becomes aggresive may be ill or in pain. If this behavior continues I'd definitely recommend getting her checked over by a vet.

You mentioned she had kittens 4 months ago. Are they still living with you? If so is she starting to resent them being around? Or have they just gone, in which case could she be upset because of this? Sometimes cats will be aggresive if changes occur that they don't like and they feel unhappy and unsettled as a result.

Could someone (or something - e.g. another cat, a dog) outside have upset her? Did your son accidentally run past her and maybe frighten her?

Has she been spayed yet? If not, could she be coming into season? Most female cats don't become aggressive when they're in heat, but a few do. Did she show any aggression last time she was in heat (albeit on a lesser scale)? If so, getting her spayed may help.

A Feliway diffuser may help to calm her down if she's upset about something.

I'd be surprised if she was to attack a child outside, but if she's being really unpredictable it may be best to keep her in until you figure out what's wrong with her.

If this aggression continues, or keeps happening intermitently, my best advice would be to get her checked over by a vet.

Best of luck with solving these cat problems.

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