Kitty Chat Issue #001
July 31st, 2008

I'm delighted to welcome you to Kitty Chat, the brand new monthly ezine from You'll find useful tips and advice on caring for your cat, exclusive articles, things to give you a laugh and questions and answers about the weird and wonderful behavior of our fabulous feline friends.

You'll also get to know my cat, Priscilla. The world from her point of view is a very interesting place...

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Kitty Chat

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1. What's new on the Cat Behavior Explained website
2. Meet Priscilla - the Persian cat with a bit too much attitude
3. Exclusive article - Cat Dental health
4. Why do cats...?
5. Just for laughs

1. What's New?

The British summer has been at its usual standard - gale force winds, rain, rain and more rain. Lying in the garden and topping up the non-existent suntan hasn't really been an option, so I've managed to add quite a lot to the website in the last few weeks.

I'd been working on the cat health advice section of the website for quite a while, and I think I've finally finished it. There's now a pretty big list of cat diseases, with easy to follow advice on causes, signs, treatment and prevention. Click here to go to the cat health advice page.

I've also started a video section on the website. A friend and fellow cat lover alerted me to a short (2 minute) video which I just had to include on the site. It's about an adorable cat called Charley who has a disease called cerebellar hypoplasia. Despite his disabilities, he lives a normal, happy life. This really is a must-watch for all cat lovers, but a word of warning - get your tissues ready. Click here to see Charley in action.

The latest section of the website is all about kittens. I've just started working on this, so it's small at the moment, but I'm hoping to get it finished quite quickly. So far, I've written a page with practical tips on choosing a name for your kitten. Click here to go there now.

I've also written a page on how to teach your new kitten her name. The same principles apply for teaching an adult cat. To read this now, click here.

2. Meet Priscilla

Hello! I'm the real brains behind the Cat Behavior Explained website. This is a picture of me in the garden. I'm very photogenic, don't you think?

My full name's Priscilla Charlotte Allan. Mummy calls me Prissie or Priscilla - I know both names. I'm very clever. As you can see, I'm absolutely gorgeous. I'm modest too. Mummy adopted me 3 years ago from an animal shelter. I was taken in there as a stray and I was in a sorry state.

When mummy adopted me my fur was all matted and most of it had to be shaved off. I've got a skin allergy problem which is now under control, but when mummy first got me it was really bad and I was covered in scabs and blisters. Anyway, as you can see I'm fine now!

Mummy and me live in a first floor apartment. It's well away from the road and has a lovely big garden, so I enjoy going out and exploring. We've got a balcony that we go out on in the good weather, but I prefer jumping across to our neighbor's balcony and sitting there. I enj oy staring at him through his glass patio door and wiping my nose on it. If I sit there long enough, he lets me into his apartment and gives me treats. Mummy says she's embarrassed about my behavior, and that I'm being a nuisance, but I don't agree. One of these days she'll realize I know best about everything.

I have to go now and visit the lady downstairs. She's been cooking fish - I can smell it. She always saves some for me. Don't tell mummy though, she's got no idea - hee hee! See you next month!

3. Cat Dental Health

Please click here to read the article on cat dental health.

4. Why Do Cats..?

Why does my cat start meowing whenever I speak on the phone? Is she trying to annoy me because I'm not giving her attention?

No. The answer to this isn't obvious to us mere mortals but it's quite simple when viewed through the eyes of a cat. Kitties are very clever little creatures, but they haven't yet mastered the wonders of modern technology. As far as Kitty is concerned, when she hears you talking on the phone, there's no-one else around except you and her. So who does she think you're talking to? Yep, her!!! So she responds by meowing.

The best way to stop this is to pet her when you're on the phone, if you can. For advice on dealing with excessive meowing, click here.

5. Just For Laughs

I found a couple of short videos of cats that have mastered the art of conversation to genius level. They really made me laugh. Click here to watch them now.

<>, I really hope you've enjoyed the first edition of Kitty Chat. I'd love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions for future content, so please feel free to click on this link and contact me using the form.

Meow until next month!

Take care,




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