Kitty Chat Issue #010,
October 1st 2009

Hello and a very warm welcome to Kitty Chat, the monthly ezine from Welcome back, if you've read the previous editions. If this is the first time you've seen Kitty Chat, you'll find lots of useful tips and advice on caring for your cat.

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Kitty Chat

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1. What's new on the Cat Behavior Explained website
2. Priscilla's Column
3. Article - Feline Depression
4. And Finally...

1. What's New?

For those of you who have been regular readers of the ezine before, I must really apologize for its absence the last few months. A mixture of a broken computer, a new very demanding "day" job and a major disaster at home (a massive flood caused by a mains leak to be precise!) are all to blame.

It's only in the last month or so that I've been able to start adding pages to the website again. I have managed to do a few, which I hope you'll like:

Black cats - facts and myths (especially timely now Halloween is approaching)

The Rainbow Bridge poem - a lovely poem that may help anyone trying to come to terms with the loss of a pet

The Cornish Rex Cat and the Devon Rex Cat - main things you need to know if you're thinking of one of these breeds as a potential pet

Non shedding cat breeds (actually they don't exist, but there are a few breeds that shed very little hair - find out more here)

Kitten gender - how to tell the boys from the girls (and avoid calling your little boy Phoebe or your little girl Rambo!)

2. Priscilla's Column

Hello! If you're new to this newsletter, let me introduce myself. I'm Priscilla, the real brains behind the Cat Behavior Explained website. My mummy writes it, but she'd never manage it without my help. If you've read my column before, hello again!

Well it's been a long time since I last wrote you, and I've really missed it! It's all mummy's fault - she started a new job, broke her computer and then managed to flood the apartment! It was so bad we all had to move out while it dried out and got repaired.

I don't know how I coped with the stress of it all... here's a picture of me trying my best to relax... It's tough being me (sigh).

When we moved out of the apartment, we went to stay with Mummy's friend. His house has an old coal fire (which hasn't been on for months because it's summer). The first night we were there my little brother Terry managed to get behind the fire guard and go up the chimney. He was absolutely filthy and put sooty paw marks all over the house, including all over the clean washing. Didn't go down too well...

Mummy's friend has a toaster which throws the toast out of it into the air. Terry liked jumping up, catching the toast and running off with it. That didn't go down very well either...

I managed to pinch two slices of ham off Mummy's friend's dinner plate. Well he left it unattended to answer the phone - if he will stick temptation right in front of me what does he expect?

Mummy's friend had never lived with cats before. Just as well we're so well behaved and easy to live with isn't it?

See you next month!

3. Feline Depression

To read this article, click here.

4. And finally...

I got this on an email and it made me laugh - hope you like it too!

The Cat's Guide to Running a Smooth, Harmonious House: How to Deal with House Guests

When guests arrive, determine as quickly as possible which guest hates cats the most. Sit on that lap.

For sitting on laps or rubbing against trouser legs, select fabric which contrasts well with your fur. For example: white-furred cats go to black wool clothing. NOTE: Velvet takes precedence over all other cloth.

For the guest who exclaims, "I love kitties!" be ready with aloof disdain, apply claws to stockings or arms, hiss and spit at the guest when your owner leaves the room, or use a quick nip on the ankle.

Always accompany guests to the bathroom. It is not necessary to do anything -- just sit there and stare.

<>, I really hope you've enjoyed this edition of Kitty Chat. I'd love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions for future content, so please feel free to click on this link and contact me using the form.

Meow until next month!

Take care,




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