How to Deal with
Aggressive Cat Behavior

Aggressive cat behavior can be upsetting and frightening. A hissing cat - or the sight of two fighting cats - is pretty scary and something all cat owners would rather avoid.

This page goes through the main reasons for aggression in cats and gives you practical advice on how to successfully deal with it.

Some cats are more naturally cantankerous than others. You'll probably never turn a naturally confrontational cat into a totally docile ball of fluff, but if you know the reasons why he's acting aggressively, you should be able to put changes in place that will improve his behavior to an acceptable level.

Reasons for Aggressive Cat Behavior

There are various reasons for aggression in cats. Each has a different solution.

First and foremost... If your normally placid Kitty has suddenly and inexplicably started being aggressive, it may be because he's sick. Take him to the vet to rule out any possible medical cause for the aggression.

If illness isn't the reason for his bad temper, here's a list of other possible reasons. Please click on the text links of those that you think may apply to your cat for more detailed information and suggested solutions.


picture of angry ca

The link above takes you to a page that goes through common causes of hissing in cats, and gives advice on dealing with it. There's also more information here:

Why Do Cats Hiss?

Aggressive Cats that Fear Humans

Some cats are fearful of humans because of something that's happened in their past which has made them scared and mistrustful. Click on the link above to find out how to rebuild a cat's trust in people.

Aggressive Male Cat Behavior

Male cats that haven't been neutered usually display a lot more aggression towards each other than their neutered counterparts. The link above tells you about male cats fighting, aggression towards each other and the benefits of getting your cat neutered.

Getting Angry During Play

The link above tells you how to stop a kitten or cat biting and scratching you while they're playing.

Getting Angry During Petting

photo of hissing aggressive ca

Click on the above link to find out what to do if your cat has a habit of suddenly biting and / or scratching you while you're petting him

Dominance Driven Anger

The link above gives advice on dealing with an aggressive, hissingcat that tries to stop you going through doorways, walking past him / her etc.

Maternal Aggression

A nursing queen, who's normally very placid, may suddenly display aggression when anyone goes anywhere near her kittens. The link above tells you how to deal with this type of aggressive cat behavior.

Bites and Scratches

Cat bites and scratches can be dangerous if left untreated. If you've been bitten or scratched by a cat, the following pages give advice on what to do:

Cat Bites

For advice on dealing with cat bites, click on the title above.

Cat Scratch Disease

For information on cat scratches and cat scratch disease, click on the above link.

As long as you can identify the cause of aggressive cat behavior, you should be able to stop it, or at least reduce it to a level where you can remain relatively scratch and bite free.

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