How to Deal With
Dominance Driven Angry Cats

Dominance driven angry cats want to rule. Some kitties like to think that they're reigning King or Queen, and to prove it, try to dominate their owners by hissing, growling, blocking doorways etc.

These cats don't usually attack you; they're just using threatening behavior to try to bully you into submission.

If your cat isn't actually attacking you, the best way to cure this behavior is to completely ignore it.

A very high percentage of angry cats are, to hijack the well-known expression, "all mouth and no trousers."

This is true if the cat is being aggressive towards another cat, a dog, a human - anything in fact. At the end of the day a cat's motivation is self-preservation; it has no masochistic desire to get hurt in a nasty scrap.

Cats know that people are a lot bigger and stronger than them and that people are capable of inflicting much more damage on them than they can on people. There's therefore no way that a cat has a real desire to enter into a serious confrontation with a person - unless they feel they have no choice (through self-preservation or preservation of their kittens).

BUT, as we know, some cats like to give the impression they're up for the challenge. In the vast majority of cases, it's simply bravado, and if you ignore it, you'll effectively call their bluff.

In a few instances, this may not be the case. A queen protecting her kittens, for example, may go all out ot do this, as may a feral Tom cat defending his territory. But these are the exceptions, not the rules.

Don't be put off going through doorways etc. when Kitty's sat there acting like Hell's equivalent of Saint Peter - just walk confidently straight past him.

Withhold attention and petting until he's relaxed and not stressed. This will make him realize that his tactics don't work.

If he is attacking you - or looks like he is about to - have something you can make a loud noise with in your hand, like a tin of coins. As he dives in for the bite, rattle the tin loudly. This should frighten him enough into backing off, and will make him associate attacking you with an unpleasant consequence.

Another tactic is to use a small water pistol. Many cats (though admittedly, not all) hate being sprayed by water. A few quick bursts in Kitty's direction when he looks as if he's just about to start his attack can work wonders.

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