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Ask a Vet Online is an inexpensive service that gives you immediate, round the clock access to an online veterinarian or other cat expert. And... you don't pay until you're happy with the answer you get.

The service is really useful if you want some non-emergency advice, a second opinion or just some reassurance about your kitty.

photo of cat with vet

The service is really easy to use. You just type your question in the box and a simple form will appear asking you to provide some details about the problem, along with your email address so they can reply.

An online veterinarian will answer your question - and you don't pay unless you're totally satisfied with the answer.

Also, if you're not happy with the first answer or need further clarification you can keep asking - and once again you don't pay until you're satisfied.

The experts are carefully chosen for their expertise with particular animals, and they only answer your question if they feel they are knowledgeable enough about the particular type of animal and the problem.

The online vet service isn't for emergencies - you should always contact your own vet in this situation. But it is an affordable way to get some swift expert advice if you need it.

I've used this service and really recommend it. The answers I've got have been useful, thorough and informative. And if you're not happy with the answer, you don't pay, so there's really nothing to lose.

To give it a try, just type your question in the box below, hit the Submit Question button and then follow the instructions. I hope you find it useful.

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