The Bengal Cat

Are you interested in the Bengal cat? This page gives you some key facts about the breed.

Before we get into details, here's a quick overview:

photo of bengal ca

Very intelligent, demanding, active, agile

Lively families, experienced cat owners

Very vocal, need lots of attention and stimulation

Breed Information

What are they like as pets?

They are very active, vocal, intelligent, alert and agile. They'll watch humans do certain things and then copy them. It's not unusual for these clever kitties to learn how to open doors, cupboards and windows.

They love water and some enjoy playing in water dishes, bathtubs and paddling pools. They also enjoy being taken for walks on a leash, once they've got used to it.

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These cats aren't suitable for everyone. They need lots and lots of attention and stimulation from their owners. They generally suit experienced cat owners who are prepared to play with them every day.

They are good with lively families - the more stimulation, the better. They're also good with other pets, including dogs.

They are very vocal like Siamese cats, so if frequent meowing drives you crazy then they're probably not the best breed for you.

They thrive in lively, energetic environments where there are lots of different activities going on all the time.

Show-quality Bengals are very expensive.

Looks, build, colors and markings

These cats are stunning to look at, with their wildcat markings, huge oval eyes and agile, muscular bodies. They come in various colors and may have tabby and / or marbled markings.

Some have what's referred to as a "glittered" coat - in other words, the coat sparkles as if it is sprinkled with glitter.


The Bengal cat was originally christened the Leopardette (i guess for obvious reasons!) it's a cross between the non-aggressive wild Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat.

The first n 1963, Jean Sudgen in Arizona bought a female Asian Leopard cat. She mated with her domestic black cat, and two kittens were born - the first recorded Bengals.

Bengals have now been produced by mating Asian Leopard cats with Abyssinan, American Shorthair, Burmese and Egyptian Mau breeds.

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