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Finding the best cat litter box out of the thousands available can be a bit of a minefield - and an expensive one at that if you keep getting it wrong.

Below is a selection of cat litter boxes and accessories from Amazon, so you can easily browse through, read the reviews and narrow your choice down.

You can also do a search yourself if you want something more specific by using the search box at the top (the one that has cat litter boxes in the USA box and cat litter trays in the UK box at the moment). You can delete that, add your own search term, click the GO button and a new set of products relating to your search term will appear.

If you decide to buy something, you can order really easily through Amazon's secure, easy to use system - so you can shop safely and with confidence.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Litter Box for Your Cat

There are many things to consider when trying to find the best cat litter box, and when offering advice it's difficult to be too specific because there are so many variables. However, here are some general pointers that should help you to narrow down your choice.


This is an obvious issue. If you don't have a lot of spare cash there are good budget litter boxes available. If you have a multi-cat household (for example) you're better having 4 cheaper cat litter boxes than 2 more expensive ones.


Big cats need big litter boxes. They need to be able to turnDSCN2044 round and scrape the litter comfortably. If they can't, they're likely to find an alternative "toilet."

My view with litter boxes is basically bigger is better. A bigger one will last longer if your kitten turns into a 20 pound adult, or if you adopt a large cat later.

Hooded or Open?

This can be a difficult one... Generally humans prefer hooded boxes for obvious reasons but some cats don't like the enclosed feeling. A bigger hooded box may be OK for claustrophobic cats, but some won't even like this.

In this instance, I believe it's the cat's preferences that need to take priority. If they don't, there's a good chance Kitty will abandon his litter box for toilets new, which obviously causes a heap of new problems...

Manual or Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes?

A self cleaning litter box can save you time and gets round the unpleasant daily poop scooping chore. However in comparison to a traditional litter box, self cleaning ones are much more expensive and may need maintenance. Here's more information on self cleaning cat litter boxes.

Still unsure? Here's some more information on choosing the best litter box for your cat.

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