Find the Best Cat Litter for Kitty

If he hates his litter, he won't use his box!

Finding the best cat litter for your kitty is much more important than you might realize.

If you thought all the different types were much of a muchness as far as Kitty was concerned, be prepared for a surprise...

A lot of cats who take exception to their toilet do so because they don't like the cat litter that's in it.

It's one of the most common reasons for feline pee mishaps.

If your cat doesn't like his litter, then changing it to one he does like will hopefully solve the problem.

So, the crucial question that needs to be answered is:

How do You Find the Best Cat Litter for Your Kitty?

photo of cute himalayan kitte

I'm blown away by the variety of cat litter that's now available. From one website alone, I came across the following types: paper, biodegradable, clay, clumping, wood, silica, anti-bacterial, charcoal containing, hygiene and deodorizing.

It seems choosing the best cat litter has turned into rocket science.

I don't believe it needs to be complicated. There are just two fundamental reasons why Kitty might not like his litter. Your choice should be based first and foremost around these reasons:

1) He doesn't like the feel of it

Cats have very sensitive paws. Have you ever noticed that cats who do their business outside make a beeline for beautiful flower beds? They aren't doing this to cause a war between their owner and her neighbors, or to get themselves an ASBO; it's because they love the soft feel of the finely-dug soil. It's their idea of pee and poop heaven.

photo of black and white cat looking u

So, types of cat litter that have big, jagged lumps in them are generally not appreciated by Kitty. In a nutshell, it hurts his paws, so the carpet becomes a much more appealing toilet.

2) He doesn't like the smell of it

Cats have very sensitive noses as well as paws.

If your cat litter contains a perfumed deodorizer, there's a good chance Kitty will hate the smell of it. He'll feel like he's sharing his bathroom with a skunk.

If he's got a hooded box, the cat litter odor is even worse for him because it's concentrated. His choices? Either hold his breath whilst trying to do his business (difficult), or find an alternative site to relieve himself that doesn't stink (easier).

Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Litter

  • Avoid types with sharp, hard, jagged lumps in them

  • Avoid types with perfumed deodorizers
photo of grey cat pushing paw at camer
  • Some cats don't like wood-based types because of the smell and / or the feel. If you're using a wood-based product and are having problems, try switching to an un-perfumed, clumping variety

  • When you do find a type that Kitty is happy with, stick with it. Don't keep changing types and brands - it will confuse him and make him more likely to go on another peeing spree

  • If you get a new cat or kitten, be sure to find out which type of they have been using, and stick with it.

  • If Kitty's peeing problems started when you switched his cat litter to a different type or brand, switch back to the original.

You may need to try several different types before you find one that Kitty likes. But following the most important rules of no jagged edges and no smelly deodorizers will increase your chances of success considerably.

An Important Note on Litter Box Liners

Some cats don't like liners. They just don't like the feel of them. So if you're using liners, try removing them and see if there's any improvement. It may be that you have actually got the best cat litter for Kitty but it's the liner that's putting him off his box.

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