by Eileen
(Orlando, Florida)

My kitty's name Blue comes from the color of his eyes.

I was looking for another cat because I was missing a having pet at home. I looked everywhere for a kitten & could not find the "one". I tried the local pet stores and a local shelter. There were no kittens in the pet stores and the shelter made it extremely difficult for me to adopt a cat. I left pretty upset asking myself if I really wanted to go through this and thinking maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

When I got home a friend told me about someone local who had a litter of kittens they were trying to find homes for. I went to see her and looked through the litter and although they were all cute, none of them caught my attention and I thought my luck was still out.

But finally, my lovely "Blue" who'd been asleep woke up, poked his head out and opened his big blue eyes. I knew right there and then he was the "one". His blue eyes made me choose him and his blue eyes gave him his name.

That was three years ago and he's now a plump, very happy boy! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

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