The Booda Cat Litter Box

Make non-stop vacuuming of kitty litter a thing of the past!

The Booda cat litter box (the Cleanstep) is definitely worth considering if you're fed up with litter being spread all over the house.

Photo of the Booda leanstep litter box

Here's a familiar scenario for many cat owners... you get in from work, exhausted. Your cat has used his toilet (as usual) while you were out... and it, plus the surrounding area, look like a quarry...

The litter in the tray is in mounds, a load of it has been kicked outside the tray and it's been stepped all over the room. You go upstairs and find more...

You can't relax in this mess, so you get the vacuum out and get it all cleaned up.

Just as you sit down, you hear that familiar scraping... You go out to find Kitty walking away from his litter box (leaving the area like a quarry - again), casually dropping litter off his paws as he meanders through the house. Joy.

While you can't control when Kitty decides to use his toilet, you can do something about the litter kicking and spreading. This is where the Booda cat litter box comes in.

The Cleanstep Booda litter box is large and dome shaped. It has a set of steps at the entrance and a carbon filter on top.

The steps play a critical function. When Kitty is leaving the Booda Cleanstep, as he walks down the steps, the litter on his paws comes off then - before he leaves - instead of all over the floor.

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In addition, because the litter box is dome shaped and the entrance is furthest away from where Kitty does his business, the amount of cat litter that's kicked out onto the floor is drastically reduced. It works better than a normal hooded litter box because of its design.

Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Are there any negatives?

There are a couple, though whether they are true negatives or not will depend on your circumstances and perception:

1. It's relatively expensive

Compared to a standard kitty toilet that you'd get at Walmart (Asda in the UK!) it is a lot more expensive. However, you have to weigh this up against the scenario described above, where you are in an endless cycle of vacuuming.

2. It's quite big!

If you read reviews of the Booda cat litter box, some of the criticisms are to do with the size. In inches, it is 21.5 x 21.5 x 20 (length x width x depth). It's a good idea to check the space where you want it to go to see if it will fit.

3. It claims to be 99% odor free, but many reviews dispute this

A lot of reviews have said that it isn't any more odor free than a normal hooded litter box. To my mind, there's no logical reason why it should be - it's got a standard carbon filter on it, the same as most other decent quality hooded litter boxes.

At the end of the day, you can't get away from the fact that any litter box is as smelly as the amount it gets cleaned out :-)

The vast majority of reviews say that the amount of cat litter that's trodden round is massively reduced. I read one review from someone who said this wasn't the case - but they admitted their cat jumped over the steps rather than walked down them.

Here's a short video explaining its benefits:

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