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Sometimes when you try to buy cat toys online you're faced with so many that it can be confusing at best and overwhelming at worst.

To try to help you past this, this store has a range of cat toys that isn't too huge! They're sorted into categories and only ones that have received good overall customer reviews are included. You can switch between the different cat toy categories by clicking the links on the top right hand box of the store, or by clicking the back button in your browser if you want to return to a previous page.

The store is powered through Amazon, and if you do decide to order anything, clicking on the product will take you to Amazon's secure ordering system, where you can buy safely and with confidence.

Click here if you'd like some tips and advice before you buy cat toys.

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Tips & Advice for when you Buy Cat Toys

Still struggling with the overwhelming cat toy choice? Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you when deciding what to buy.

Cats need a lot if toys but you don't have to spend a fortune!

Cats do need a lot of toys to keep them happy, active and stimulated (I'd suggest 20 - 30 toys which you rotate in 3 or 4 lots). However the vast majority of these can be inexpensive (you'll often find it's the toy you bought for 50 cents that Kitty loves the best!)

You can also make your own cat toys for nothing - here's some ideas for making free cat toys.

Don't buy cat toys that could be unsafe - e.g. toys that have small, potentially detachable bits that Kitty could swallow, or toys with sharp points

cat with toy mouse

These types of toys are generally at the very cheap end of the market. If you buy good quality, well known brands you should be able to avoid this problem.

When you do buy cat toys, pick ones that stimulate more than one of your cat's senses

A good example would be a toy mouse with a furry body, crinkly ears and tail, bell inside and impregnated with catnip, as this would stimulate Kitty's senses of touch, hearing, taste ans smell.

Pick toys that are suited to the way your cat likes to play

Some cats love knocking balls around. Others like to play interactive games with their owners. Some like beating up catnip toys. If you've not long had your cat, there will be a bit of trial and error to find out how he does like to play. I'd suggest buying a variety of different inexpensive toys first off so you can find out what he does like.

My Favorite Toys for Cats

Here are the toys I've found consistently good over the years with my cats. These aren't recommendations as such, but a few people have asked me what I buy, so here we go:

  • Laser pen. one of my cats is scared of the laser pen, so I can't use it when he's around, but every other cat I've owned has absolutely loved it. It's a great way to interact with, exercise and stimulate your cat when you're watching TV!
  • Plastic treat ball - e.g. the MultiVet Slimcat (USA), Petsafe Slimcat (UK). You basically put dry food or treats inside and Kitty has to knock it round to get them out. This keeps my lot amused for hours.
  • Catnip toys and dried catnip. If your cat is one of the 70% that responds to catnip, you usually can't go wrong with all things catnip. I personally avoid very cheap catnip products as I've found the catnip in them often seems to have less effect (maybe it's not as strong or there isn't as much of it?)
  • Plastic balls with holes in them and a bell in the middle. I always have a few of these lying around - my cats don't play with them all the time but once every few days they'll batter them around. They are very inexpensive cat toys too, which is a bonus!

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