Cat At My Door Won't Stop Meowing

There is an outdoor cat that at times comes to my door and meows like crazy - non stop! Right now it's been 10 mins and the cat just won't stop meowing. It's pretty loud. What should I do?

Reply from Liz (editor): Excessive meowing is one of the most common cat problems. I can try to give you some advice here but it's hard without knowing more of the circumstances.

Has anyone in your house been feeding the cat? Feeding a cat is very likely to result in them meowing at the door, and the only way to stop this is to stop feeding it.

Is the cat a stray, and if so is it hungry, and could it be pregnant or even nursing kittens? If this is the case it should really be caught and taken somewhere (preferably a no kill shelter) where it can be given the chance of finding a new home. If this is the case, until it's caught I'd recommend feeding it if you possibly can.

Do you have a cat of your own? If you do, the cat outside may be meowing at your cat because it can smell it. This behavior is more likely to be seen in male cats, as they are much more territorial than females. If your cat isn't neutered, getting it done should help reduce this behavior.

There are humane ways to discourage cats from hanging round your garden - this page on the web site which talks about cat spraying in the garden, but the ways to deter this behavior can also be used for a meowing cat that won't shut up!

Best of luck with sorting this out and I hope my reply was of help.

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