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Below are some observations I've had from readers about their cats' behavior, with my explanation of what I think is going on in the cat's mind!

My cats make a beeline for people who don't like them

You can almost guarantee that in a room full of people, a cat will go to the person who's most afraid of him.

A person who's afraid of cats won't look directly at the cat - they'll look away and be quiet in the hope that the cat ignores them. The cat lovers, on the other hand, stare at the cat and call out to him.

The cat sees the cat lovers' behavior as threatening (when two cats are squaring up for a fight they'll stare at each other and hiss). However, he perceives the person who's scared of him to be displaying friendly, non-threatening behavior. So guess who he goes to? Yep, you got it!

My cat keeps dropping his favorite toy into his water bowl

strange cat behavior - cat looking weird

The cat regards his food and water bowls as his territory, and generally the bowls stay in roughly the same place. He'll put his favorite toys there because in his mind he's leaving them somewhere safe, and he'll know where to go to find them later.

My cat meows and meows when I'm on the phone!

As far as the cat is concerned, you're talking to her. There's no-one else in the room, so she assumes you're communicating with her and talks back!

My cat washes my daughter's hair!

Cats groom each other as a sign of affection and caring for each other. A cat will sometimes wash its favorite human's hair because it's demonstrating love and affection towards them.

One of my cats loves catnip but it has no effect on the other one at all

Only about 70% of adult cats respond to catnip. Whether cats respond to it or not is thought to be due to genetics. Also, cats under about 6 months of age don't usually respond to it.

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