Coping With Cat Blindness

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Cat blindness may occur suddenly or happen gradually. This page deals with how to look after a cat who's lost his eyesight. For information on cat eye problems which could cause blindness, click here.

How To Help your Blind Cat

If you are in the situation where you're watching your kitty gradually lose his sight, or if you've seen him go suddenly blind, my heart goes out to you. It is a really distressing experience. Fortunately, the one bit of good news is that it is possible for a blind cat to adapt extremely well, and still have a very good quality of life.

Cats rely on their eyesight much less than we do. If they lose it, their senses of smell, touch and hearing - which are much better than ours - will compensate hugely.

As long as you do some practical things to help your kitty, he should be absolutely fine:

1) Don't move his things around

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Kitty will learn where his bed, litter box, food etc. all are with amazing precision. It's important to keep them in the same places so he knows where to find them.

2) Don't move the furniture or leave things lying around

If you can avoid it, don't move the furniture around. Also, beware of leaving things lying around that he could bump into accidentally.

3) Warn him when you approach

If Kitty doesn't realize you're around, either talk to him or clap your hands as you approach him, to let him know you're there and avoid giving him a fright.

4) Only let him outside if it's completely safe

Blind cats are far more at risk of outdoor dangers than seeing cats. Only let your blind cat outside if you have an outdoor area that's secure, enclosed and totally safe. If you don't have such an area, it's safer to keep him inside.

For advice on health insurance for your cat, click here.

Cat blindness isn't as devastating to kitties as you may first think. A friend of mine had a blind cat. You would never have guessed. He strutted round the house confidently, didn't bang into anything, and was happy, healthy and contented.

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