Cat Illnesses, Diseases
and General Health Problems

This page lists common cat illnesses and cat health problems. The lists provide links to pages that go through each of these in detail.

The lists have been grouped into similar topics to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

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To be able to recognize when your kitty may br sick, it's important that you know what a healthy cat "looks" like. Click here for more information on this.

Cat Illnesses

For advice about any of these, please click on the text links below.

Important Note:

The advice on cat illnesses and health problems on this website is for information only and not intended to replace professional recommendations or opinions. Please take your kitty to the vet without delay if you think he / she may be sick.

Brain Disorders

Cat Urine Problems

Digestive System Disorders

Eye Disorders


Skin Disorders


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Cat Health Problems - Common Signs and Symptoms

There are certain signs and symptoms that are often indicators of feline illness. These health problems aren't illnesses in themselves, but are often signs that Kitty is sick:

Click on this link for specific advice on elderly cat health problems.

Signs of a Healthy Cat

1) Healthy overall demeanor

healthy siamese cat

The following are signs of a healthy, happy kitty:

2) Healthy digestive system

A healthy kitty's poops will be "normal" (for want of a better expression!) Diarrhea or constipation either indicate a health problem or a diet problem.

3) Healthy skin and fur

Healthy skin is supple, smooth, dandruff-free and free of spots, scabs etc. Healthy fur is shiny, sleek and free of tangles.

4) Healthy teeth and gums

Healthy teeth are white (though they may yellow a bit as your cat ages), and they're tartar-free. Healthy gums are pink (not red), don't bleed and are tartar-free.

5) Healthy bones and joints

A cat with healthy bones and joints will have a good posture and will be able to do all the normal kitty activities such as climbing, jumping etc.

6) Healthy body size and shape

Healthy cats aren't too fat or too thin. You should be able to feel Kitty's ribs, but not see them. Also, when you look at him from above, you should be able to see a waistline below his ribs.

If your kitty is long haired, you may not be able to see his waistline, but you should be able to feel it.

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