Cat Language - How to Translate Cat Sounds!

There's some quite unusual cat language that Kitty will use from time to time in addition to her normal meow and purr cat sounds. These can include all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds like grunting, squeaking, chirping, cackling and growling.

black n white cat

To work out what these mean in the cat language world, you have to look at the circumstances under which Kitty's making them. Here are some examples of more unusual kitty sounds I've observed over the years and how I've interpreted them:

  • Growling whilst eating - means "this is mine and no-one else is getting any of it!"
  • Growling at the TV when another domestic cat or big cat such as a tiger comes on - means "this is my house and I'm the boss here, I don't care how big or hard or scary you look!"
  • Cackling when watching birds - means "I'm imagining I've got you in my mouth and I'm eating you!"
  • Squeaking or chirping when wanting attention - means "I'm doing this because I know you think it's really cute, and it always gets me instant attention!"
  • Grunting when being groomed - means "this is grrrrrrrrrreat!!!"

If you fancy a bit of light relief and a good laugh, click here to watch some videos of talking cats who have mastered the art of conversation to PhD level.

Understanding your cat's language is down to observing Kitty and matching her sounds to her behavior. I think it's fascinating, not least because it reminds me just how clever the little fluff balls are.

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