Why Won't Kitty Use His Cat Litter Box? More Possible Reasons

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Some cat litter box problems can be difficult to pinpoint and / or categorize. If you've reached this page from the main Litter Box Problems page on this website, you've hopefully already read through the other more obvious reasons why Kitty may be rejecting his litter box. If you've landed on this page first, I'd recommend you click here to read the main Litter Box Problems page before this one.

More Reasons Why Kitty May Give His Cat Litter Box The Cold Shoulder

1) He's being harassed

If a person or another animal (which could be another cat) is bothering him when he uses his box, he'll start peeing and pooping somewhere they can't get to him. Make sure he has a litter box somewhere that will give him the peace and quiet he needs.

2) There aren't enough litter boxes in the house

You should put a litter box on every floor in your home. If Kitty has to go on a major expedition to get to his litter box, he may decide he can't be bothered.

In a multi-cat household, you need to make sure there are enough litter boxes to keep all the kitties happy. The usual rule is that you should have one more litter box than you have cats. So, if you have three cats, you need four litter boxes. Depending on circumstances, some owners may find they need more than one extra.

3) You've changed something

If your cat litter box problems started at the same time as, or shortly after you changed something in Kitty's world, it could well be this change that set him off on his pee spree. If you altered anything like the type of cat litter, the location of the litter box or the litter box itself, if at all possible, reverse this change.

4) Something has upset him

Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult cat litter box problems to deal with. Cats like routines, and if anything has happened to upset Kitty's, the stress may cause him to pee and poop away from his litter box. The sort of things that may upset him include a move to a new house, bringing a new pet into the house, a new baby, someone moving in, someone moving out, house renovations etc. etc.

If you think this could be the reason your Kitty's snubbing his box, there are a number of things you can do. Make sure he gets a lot of love, attention and reassurance, as this will help to alleviate the stress he's feeling. A Feliway diffuser may also be really helpful in this situation.

Don't shout at him when he does pee or poop somewhere he shouldn't - this will stress him out even more, and make him more likely to re-offend. Praise him generously when he does use his box - maybe give him a treat too. If he's very stressed, the vet may prescribe a short course of tranquilizers for him.

Once you've identified why Kitty fell out with his cat litter box and addressed it, you may need to re-train him to start using it again. For advice on potty training your cat, click here.

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