The Location Of Kitty's Cat Litter Boxes Is Very Important To Him!

If the cat litter boxes in your home are in locations that your kitty doesn't like, there's a good chance he'll ignore them and select somewhere else he does like to do his business.

What Are The No-Go Areas?

Kitty may not like areas that are:

picture of cat and labrador

1) Busy

A lot of cats prefer to powder their noses in private. If Kitty's litter box is placed in an area that's very busy - i.e. lots of people and / or other animals frequently passing by, he may well be put off using it.

2) Noisy

Many cats like peace and quiet when they're doing their business. The last thing Kitty wants is to hear some unexpected, loud noise that makes him jump out of his skin when he's half way through his toilet routine.

There are the obvious noises like kids shouting, dogs barking etc. But there are also other noises which you may not think of at first - for example a washing machine starting a noisy spin cycle, a boiler clunking on and off, your teenage kids' music suddenly coming on full blast in the room next door etc.

3) Far away

If Kitty has to hike up or down three flights of stairs and through half a dozen rooms to get to his toilet, he may not bother. This is especially true if he's very young or very old. Make sure you place a cat litter box on every floor in your house, not too far away from (but not right next to) his favorite sleeping spots.

4) Inaccessible

If your cat has to do a circus performance to get to his toilet, he may decide it's not worth the effort. Make sure it's easily accessible for him - at all times of the day and night.

5) Hot or cold

Kitty doesn't want to sweat buckets or freeze his paws off when he's doing his business. Make sure his cat litter boxes aren't in locations that are prone to temperature extremes - at any time of the day, night or year.

6) Too close to his food

Cats hate eating anywhere that they can smell pee and poop. If Kitty's litter box is too close to his food, he may decide to give it a wide berth so he can enjoy his dinner.

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