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Cat lover gifts are a must for all feline fanatics, and there are some great cat gifts around.

The store below features a selection of clever, unusual and just plain cute gifts for cat lovers. There's a good range of prices (some very inexpensive - so it is safe to look if you haven't got much spare cash!)

If you find something you like, you can order it easily and safely from this page using the secure system at Amazon - and then look forward to it being delivered to your door in the next few days!

Below the stores on this page, there's some advice on choosing and buying cat gifts (if you need any!)

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Tips when Choosing Cat Lover Gifts

Trying to find great gifts that people will love is a perpetual problem - Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, saying "thank you," "sorry" etc. etc...

There's nothing worse than giving someone a gift who pretends to like it but you can tell they're immediately wondering where they can create some cupboard space to banish it from sight!

If your friend is a cat lover, you've got an immediate advantage when buying them a gift. We cat fanatics love receiving cat related presents!

There are now so many great cat lover gifts available online, you can shop for them in the comfort of your own home. No trailing round the shops for hours on end in the cold and wet only to find an ugly fridge magnet and boring coffee mug...

The challenge comes in trying to decide the best cat related gift you can buy for your friend. This will obviously depend on their lifestyle and interests (not to mention your budget!) but here are some items you might consider:

Tea Addict, Coffee Lover or Wine Drinker?

There are some lovely tea and coffee mugs, teapots and wine glasses available to buy - I've featured a few that I really like in the stores above.

Bags and Clothing

There are some great bags, T-shirts and bag charms - many of which are very reasonably priced.

Stuff for the Kitchen

As well as mugs, teapots etc. there are some great novelty salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, aprons and fridge magnets available to buy.

Ornaments, Photo Frames, unusual novelty items

How about some cat rubber ducks? Or a witch and cat suncatcher? A cat mobile or wind chime maybe? A cat doorstop? A cat clock?

Is your friend a keen reader?

If so, there are literally thousands of cat books available online, on every cat subject under the sun - cat breeds, cat care, cat photography and art, kittens, cat humor, cat training, behavioral problems, cat health... the list goes on and on.

If you just can't decide which cat book to buy, you could always get an Amazon voucher that your friend can spend on a hard copy book or Kindle download of their choice.

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