Cat Meowing After Her Brother Died

by Karen

I had a brother and sister cat. I lost Charlie in March with saddle thrombosis. Millie is a cat that never likes a lot of fuss, whereas Charlie was the opposite.

Since losing Charlie, Millie goes around meowing a lot which she never did before. She does like more of a fuss but only when she comes to you. This meowing happens a lot early morning, and sometimes when she's been out she does it when she comes in. Millie doesn't go out my garden - she has never tried.

Is this meowing because of losing my other cat? I myself still get very upset as it all happened so quick losing Charlie.

Reply from Liz (Editor): I'm really sorry to hear about your loss, it's awful to lose a much loved pet, and when it's very quick it gives you no time at all to come to terms with it.

I'm sure Millie is meowing because she's missing Charlie. She doesn't understand where he's gone and I guess she's meowing in the hope he'll hear her - she's calling him. I realize this is even worse for you - you're having to cope with her loss as well as your own.

I suspect she's meowing in the morning when she's woken up and is wondering where he is.

Situations like this do improve over time, but it could take a while, and it's till fairly early days yet. In the meantime all you can do is give her loads of love and as much affection as she wants. A Feliway diffuser or spray may also have a calming effect. If she's so upset that she's losing weight and becoming depressed, the vet could provide some medication to help her get over the worst of it.

Once she's more back to her normal self, getting another cat companion may be a good idea for her. But I'd suggest waiting until she's more settled again - doing it too soon could upset her more.

I wish you and Millie the very best. Thank you for your question.

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