Cat Messing On Bed

by Gillian
(Kent, England)

My cat is 9 yrs old and has started messing on my son's bed. We were away for two weeks recently and a neighbor came in and fed her, could this be the problem?

Reply from Liz (Editor): It sounds as though your time away may well have been the trigger for this cat behavior. However, it's worth just getting her checked over by a vet to make sure she hasn't got a cat urinary tract infection. This is a common cause of sudden inappropriate elimination, it's easily treated but can become serious if it's left.

When cats get upset, they often show this by inappropriate elimination. It may well be that your cat got upset when you were away, started messing on your son's bed as a result and has now continued this when you've got back. This page gives more advice on dealing with this sort of behavior:

Cat Litter Box Problems - Causes and Treatment

A Feliway diffuser may help to calm her down and to stop this behavior. Also, this page may help you if you need to re-train her to use her litter box:

Potty Training Your Cat

Thank you for your question and best of luck.

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