Cat Pregnancy Signs

There are quite a few cat pregnancy signs that, when combined, are a pretty good giveaway that Kitty is expecting.

The signs of cat pregnancy are both physical and behavioral, and they'll normally start to become obvious - or more obvious - about 3 weeks after mating. This page goes through the main things to look out for if you think you may have a pregnant cat.

Physical Cat Pregnancy Signs

Cat heat behavior stops

If your cat has been going through cycles of heat behavior (e.g. spraying, yowling, increased affection, standing in mating position) and this suddenly stops but doesn't start again, it's a good indication she could be pregnant.

Nipples swell and become pinker in color

This happens quite early in the pregnancy, and is usually visible at about 3 weeks. It's more difficult to spot if your cat has long hair and / or dark fur.

Increased appetite

Not surprisingly, a pregnant cat's appetite will increase, as she's not just eating for herself any more.

Cat vomiting increases

Some cats will vomit more than normal when they become pregnant. If the vomiting becomes excessive, you should take her to a vet, as it may cause cat dehydration which could be dangerous for both mom and her developing babies.

Abdomen grows

No great surprise here really! This will become noticeable usually around half way through the pregnancy - i.e. around the fourth or fifth week.

Click here for information on the length of a cat gestation period.

photo of pregnant cat showing typical cat pregnancy signs

Behavioral Signs of Cat Pregnancy

Increased affection and attention seeking

Some cats become more affectionate when they're pregnant, and will want to be around you more.

Decreased energy

A pregnant cat will usually go outside less and will sleep more than usual.

Seeking out places to give birth

When Kitty gets close to giving birth, she may start to look for places that are warm and quiet. She's looking for a suitable place to have her kittens, and to subsequently look after them when they're very young.

I tend to let cats choose their own spot for this within reason. If a cat, for example, decides she wants to use the bottom of the airing cupboard, I'll put blankets down for her and let her use it. The only places I won't allow are areas that could be dangerous for her, or areas that I can't access easily.

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