Cat Pulling Her Fur Out On Left Leg Only

by Joanne
(Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK)

My cat is only pulling her coat out in one place - her left leg. All the fur has been pulled out and it looks as though it will not regrow.

She is now starting on same leg but at the back. I put a bandage on to stop her pulling more fur out. She's not got fleas and she has been vaccinated and treated for fleas.

Reply from Liz (Editor): There are a lot of reasons why cat hair loss can occur. They include feline allergies (not just to fleas, can also be to food or environmental factors), parasitic infections or hormonal, immune system or nutritional problems or stress.

What's your cat's skin like where she's pulled the fur out? Whether it's normal looking, scabby, crusty or inflamed looking is a good indicator of what could be the cause.

I would recommend getting her checked over by your vet - they will be able to look at her skin and based on its appearance make a good judgement as to what could be the problem - and then be able to treat it. With these things, the sooner you can get them treated, the better chance you'll have of curing the problem for good.

Best of luck nd thank you for your question.

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