Cat Scratching Post Tips

Choosing a good cat scratching post may seem difficult at first, as there are many

different types available. Kitty will prefer some more than others.

Here are some common questions and answers that may help you:

1) How do I choose a cat scratching post?

You shouldn't have to go through a dozen different scratching posts to find one that Kitty likes.

Generally, cats like to scratch rough surfaces, so a post covered in sisal rope will usually be preferable to one covered in carpet. And additionally, sisal rope is a lot more durable than carpet.

You shouldn't have to spend a fortune either; good quality, inexpensive sisal-covered cat scratching posts are available in a lot of supermarkets now.

If your budget can run to it, there are some fantastic cat condos and trees available to buy which can provide hours of fun for Kitty - or you can even make your own.

2) How do I get my cat to use her scratching post?

photo of kitten beside cat scratching pos

Firstly, make sure Kitty's scratching post is located in an area she likes. Putting it near her bed often works.

If she likes to spend a lot of time in human company, put her scratching post in the busiest family room.

If she has been scratching a particular piece of furniture, placing the scratching post next to this will hopefully encourage her to use the post instead.

Once she's used to scratching the post and stopped scratching the furniture, you can change the location of the post if you want to.

Be creative. Make the area around her scratching post a fun zone - for example:

  • Scatter some toys and dry treats around

  • Attach one of her favorite soft toys to a piece of elastic and tie it round the top of the post

  • If Kitty likes catnip, you can either buy her a post that has catnip impregnated into it, or you can sprinkle catnip around the post to encourage her to use it.

The more exciting you make this area, the more Kitty will use her scratching post and the less she'll destroy the furniture.

3) Do I need to buy more than one?

You may need more than one cat scratching post, especially if you have a big house and / or more than one cat.

Because they are inexpensive, I think it's worth buying a few and scattering them round the house.

This will work out much cheaper in the long run than replacing sofas, chairs and doors that have received the devoted attention of Kitty's claws.

4) What are the alternatives?

The next step up is a cat tree. These vary enormously in quality and price, but can provide great entertainment for Kitty, offering both scratching and exercising facilities.

If you don't want to (or can't afford to) buy a cat tree, you can build your own, even if your skills are basic, for - in some cases - a fraction of the cost. Click on the image below for more information.

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