Cat Skin Complaint

My male cat is 6 years old. Every time I groom him what looks like dandruff white speck come off his coat. He doesn't seem to be scratching himself any more than usual. Thanks

Reply from Liz (Editor): There are a few causes of dandruff in cats that I'm aware of. Basically, dandruff is caused by dry skin, and this can occur as a result of:

  • A diet that's lacking in omega 3 fatty acids. The vet can give supplements if this is the case; alternatively, tinned tuna, salmon and sardines are good omega 3 sources, fed as a treat a couple of times a week. Some cat foods will have more omega 3 than others - your vet or a good pet store will advise you further.

  • Obesity or an inability to bend - e.g. due to old age or arthritis. Some cats get dandruff round their lower back because they can't turn round enough to groom that area. A vet is the best person to advise on dealing with these problems.

  • Parasitic infections. Some parasites can cause dry, itchy skin in cats.

It's worth getting your cat checked over by your vet, to identify the cause and rule out or treat any parasitic infection.

Thank you for your question.

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