Cat Sounds Explained

You've no doubt noticed the many different cat sounds made by your kitty. Have you ever wondered what they all mean?

Knowing how to interpret and respond to cat language (verbal and non-verbal) is key to developing a good relationship with your fur ball.

So, let's get the Kitty to Human dictionary out...

Cat Sounds

1) Purr!

Why do Cats Purr?

Many people assume that cats purr when they're happy, end of story. But they also purr for other reasons, some of which may just surprise you!


How do Cats Purr?

Find out how our kitties make that unique sound that doesn't stop no matter if they're breathing in or out

2) Meow!

Cats have a huge range of meows, which are used for all sorts of different reasons.

Some cats meow much more than others.

At one end of the spectrum, you've got cats who appear to have taken a vow of silence. At the other end, you've got kitties who seem to spend every waking second exercising their vocal chords.

If you want to alter Kitty's talking habits, then changing the way you interact with her is the best way to succeed.

Click on the text links below for more information and advice:

Why do Cats Meow?

There are many different types of meow - quiet / almost silent, demanding, persistent, yowling, screeching, chuntering... this page sheds some light on what all of these can mean.

How to Deal with Excessive Cat Meowing

One of the major cat owner's nightmares - often waking nightmares. Find out how to deal with this extremely aggravating behavior.

Why Won't My Cat Meow? How to Encourage Your Cat to Chat!

The problem that cat owners with highly vocal cats wish they had - but for people whose kitty never says anything, his silence can be a problem too. find out how to get Kitty talking on this page.

3) Hiss!

grey cat hissin

A hissing cat is issuing a clear warning - "back off or else." There are various different reasons why cats hiss, and different approaches are needed to deal with them:

Why Do Cats Hiss?

We all know cats hiss when they're trying to scare people or other animals off - i.e. when they're trying to show aggression. But do you know where this behavior comes from? If you don't, I bet the answer will surprise you!

How to Deal with Cat Hissing

Tips and advice for dealing with a hissing cat - in a way that doesn't get you injured.

4) Growl, cackle, squeak, grunt!

Unusual Cat Language

It's likely your Kitty will have a number of other more unusual cat sounds in her repertoire that she uses from time to time. The reasons for making these noises vary with circumstances and from cat to cat. Click the link above if you're trying to figure out what these odd noises mean.

Cat Body Language

The other aspect to cat language is non-verbal. Cat body language is complex and fascinating, and it can tell you as much - or sometimes more - than verbal language. Click on the links below for more information:

How to Understand Cat Body Language

Quivering - or thrashing - or twitching tail? Ears pricked up or turned back? Wide open or half-closed eyes? Arched back? Find out what these all mean.

Why do Cats Knead?

That cute pawing and purring - why do they do it?

Cat Behavior Facts

Why do cats make a beeline for people who don't like them? Why do they meow incessantly when you're on the phone? Why do they purposely drop things into their water bowls? Find out here!

The better you can get to understand your cat's verbal and non-verbal language, the better relationship you'll be able to have with her. It's really worth persevering, and it's really entertaining too! How many different cat sounds does your cat make? :-)

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