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Essential Cat Supplies for All Cats

There are a number of things that all cats need to be healthy and happy. Most aren't expensive and some can be home-made. Here are the cat supplies that no cat should be without:

Food and Water Bowls

These should be sturdy enough to not tip over and big enough for your cat to get his face in comfortably without squashing his whiskers (which many cats don't like).

If you live in a multi-cat household, depending on the dynamics, each cat may need his / her own food bowl.

cat in cardboard box bedSome cats are allergic to plastic so may need metal food / water bowls.

At the luxury end of the scale, an automatic pet feeder (if you're away a lot) or a cat water fountain (if your kitty loves drinking from the tap) may be a possibility.

Good Quality, Nutritious Food

This is an absolute must to prevent cat health problems and cat illnesses.

Litter Box

Even if your cat normally always goes to the toilet outside, you should still have a litter box in reserve for when the weather's terrible or when he's ill.

In a multi-cat house, you'll need several litter boxes. As a rule of thumb, one more litter box than the number of cats is about right (so 4 litter boxes in a 3 cat house, for example).

Cat Bed

Every cat should have a bed to call his own. If you can't afford to buy one, Kitty will be more than happy with a cardboard box lined with a old towel or sweater.

Cat Scratching Post (Preferably a Cat Tree / Cat Condo)

All cats need to scratch and climb. If they're not provided with a suitable scratching post (especially house cats), they will create one - e.g. a door, wall, chair etc.

Cat Grooming Products

The amount of these you need will vary depending on the cat you have. If your cat is short haired, a comb and brush will probably suffice. If he's long haired, you'll need a variety of other products in addition to keep his fur in good condition and prevent matting.

Cat Carrier

cat with toyEven if you never travel with your cat, you never know when he may suddenly need a trip to the vet. For this reason, I'd recommend buying a cat carrier, even if you hardly ever use it.

Cat Toys

All cats need toys - and quite a few of them - to stop them becoming bored and destructive. The good news is that many cat toys aren't expensive, and you can utilize a load of household bits and pieces to make free cat toys.

Flea Treatment

All cats should be treated as a precaution for fleas. A good cat flea treatment is, I believe, an essential requirement for a cat.

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