How To Get Kitty To
Play With Her Cat Toys

Here are some useful tips for getting Kitty playing with her cat toys instead of destroying your furniture!A key factor in preventing cat scratching is diverting Kitty's mind away from deciding which piece of furniture she's going to start on next. A good way to do this is by encouraging her to play, and toys are a key part of this.

1) How many toys should Kitty have?

Ideally your cat should have lots of toys spread all over the house. Every room that Kitty goes into should have a few toys in it. If I had to put figure on this, I'd say she should have somewhere between 20 and 30 toys.

2) What are the best toys for cats?

cat toys

All cats like toys of one type or another. When you first get your cat, it's a case of trial and error unless you have some prior knowledge of the toys she likes. But the good news is that kitty toys are inexpensive; buying toys - even if Kitty turns her nose up at some of them - is much cheaper than buying a new sofa...

If you're on a tight budget, click here for some ideas for free cat toys you can easily make or obtain at home.

If your kitty likes catnip,, then toys that have it impregnated into them are very likely to get the paws-up from her.

A lot of cats like toys on elastic, that can be hung off door knobs or held by you. Toys with bells are liked by some cats. Cats also like toys that roll round in an unusual way - hence a wine cork is often amongst Kitty's favorite playthings.

Whatever you buy, make sure it's good quality and safe for your cat. Avoid cheap toys with small parts that Kitty could potentially choke on or swallow. A ball of wool or a pom-pom don't make good toys for this reason.

3) How do I get my cat to play with her toys?

cat with toy

Make sure Kitty's toys aren't stuck under furniture where she can't reach them.

To add more interest, split the toys into two or three batches and swap them round every few days. That way, Kitty thinks she's getting new toys all the time, and she'll stay more interested in them.

Set time aside every day to play with her. Kitty will be much more inclined to play with her cat toys if she's getting attention from you at the same time.

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