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Here you'll find a great selection of bestselling cat condos, trees and play towers from Amazon.

The store has a front page which shows a selection through all the price ranges. If you the click the £ (UK) or $ (USA) signs on the list on the top right of the store, you can view items in different price categories. Once you've finished viewing any one category, just hit the back button on your browser to get the full category list back.

If you find your perfect kitty tree you can buy it easily and safely through Amazon's secure ordering system.

Click here for some useful tips when choosing a cat tree or condo for your kitty.

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Useful Tips when Choosing a Cat Tree

When choosing a cat condo / tree to buy, there are many considerations. Here are some useful tips to help you narrow down your choice:

1. Pick one that's the right size

What kind of cat do you have? If you have a Maine Coon kitten for example, he / she may be tiny, but in a few years time may weigh 20 pounds. Make sure you buy a cat tree that's big enough so your cat won't outgrow it.

2. Pick one that's big enough for your whole cat "family" (present and future!)

If you have one kitten now but are planning on getting two more kittens / cats (for example), make sure the cat condo is big enough to accommodate all of them. You want something big enough so they can all sit on different bits of it at once without World War 3 breaking out...

3. Pick one that fits in the space you have to accommodate it

This is a common mistake. People don't look in detail at the dimensions of the cat condos and the space they've got to put them in... So when the product arrives, they find it doesn't fit in the allocated space. Make sure you've taken the length, width and height of the condo - compared to the space you're planning to put it in - into full consideration before buying.

Some cat condos have several different ways in which they can be configured. The option of being able to assemble the condo in several different ways may help if your space is limited.

4. Pick one that will stand the test of time

I always say cats would make fantastic quality assurance managers, as they test everything to destruction as a matter of course. If you buy a "cheap and cheerful" cat tree, chances are it will not last - and it will be a false economy because in a year or two you'll ed up chucking it out and buying a new one.

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a good quality cat tree. To check out the quality, I'd suggest:

  • Looking at the enlarged picture of it on the website - does it look obviously cheap? Are there any obvious flaws with it?
  • Looking at the scratching poles - are they just carpet (which will get ripped to pieces very quickly) or are they covered in rope? (which is much stronger and longer lasting)
  • Reading the customer reviews on the Amazon website for the product. if 99% of people who bought it say it's rubbish, it very likely is :-)

5. Pick one that has a sturdy, safe base

It's really important to buy a cat tree with a sturdy, wide base that will support the rest of it no matter what - so (for example) when your 20 pound Kitty swings off one of the extremities at the top the whole thing doesn't come crashing down on top of the fish tank...

The sturdiness of the base is quite easy to determine from the pictures and product reviews.

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