Cat Urinary Problems

by Mary
(Worthing, England)

We have taken on a house cat from Cats Protection, we have very little background information. She is undergoing tests at the moment as her blood is very dehydrated and she drinks and urinates a lot. The problem is she sometimes urinates by the front door and not in her litter tray - this is normally when my husband and I are out at work.

She has settled with us really well and enjoys company. How can we stop her from doing this? We have bought cleaning sprays especially for cats that should be designed to put her off going to that area again, but this has not worked.

Reply from Liz (Editor): I think these cat problems could be due, at least in part, to anxiety. She's pretty new in the house and likes company, so it may be that she's getting anxious when you're out and this is her way of showing it!

A Feliway diffuser is a synthetic cat pheromone substitute which you plug into the wall. Feliway is also available as a spray, and it has a calming effect on some cats. It may be worth trying this (the diffuser is probably the best to try). It may just relieve her anxiety enough when your out to stop her urinating where she shouldn't. It's available online or from the Pets at Home chain in the UK.

If you read the litter box problems section of the website, it gives a list of things that may cause a cat to stop using its litter tray. If you're happy it's not any of these, then you need to completely remove the cat urine smell from the area where she's been peeing. This may involve lifting the carpet and using an odor neutralizer. These pages give more detailed advice:

Cat urine cleaning products

How to clean cat urine

There are a couple of other tricks you can try, neither of which are a great long term solution but may at least stop the "accidents" on the floor more quickly...

When you go out, you could put a litter tray in the spot where she's peeing. At least that way, she will hopefully use the tray rather than pee on the floor.

You could try putting her food bowl on the spot where she's been peeing. Cats hate eating anywhere they can smell pee and poop, so if her food is there she will hopefully be much less inclined to pee in that area.

Thank you for your question and best of luck with solving these cat problems.

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