Cat Urine Cleaning Products.
Huge Choice, How Do You Decide?

The choice of cat urine cleaning products is enormous. Cleaning cat urine isn't the most pleasant of tasks, putting it mildly, so you obviously want to choose something that works well.

But, before you get the rubber gloves on, it's vital that you find all the urine. If any is left behind, Kitty will smell it and take it as a personal invitation from you to pee in the area again.

Find All The Cat Urine!

Before you start using any cat urine cleaning products, you must discover all of Kitty's watering spots. If you don't, the cat urine smell will remain there, inviting Kitty to re-offend.

cat eye

It's not always possible to see all cat urine stains under normal light. Invest in a black light, which you can get from good pet stores. The cat urine will glow fluorescent yellow under this light, even if it's dry. Mark the areas to be cleaned with masking tape.

On carpet, wherever you find urine stains, you should also check the underlay using the black light. Urine seeps through carpet, so a puddle the size of a saucer on top of the carpet is likely to be of serving plate proportions on the underlay. The urine must be removed from the underlay as well as the carpet. Click here for more practical advice on how to clean cat urine.

Get Cleaning!

So, you've identified all of Kitty's mishaps and now you're ready to clean. There are many home made recipes and commercially available cat urine removers you could use. Here are some pointers which will hopefully help you to make your decision:

1) Avoid any household cleaning products that contain ammonia

Many household cleaners contain ammonia. Cat urine contains a form of ammonia, and it's this that's responsible for the smell. If you use ammonia on Kitty's favorite watering spots, he smells it and associates it with his own pee. It's like sticking up a sign for him that says "Pee Here."

2) Avoid any cleaning products that are harmful to cats

A lot of common substances are poisonous to cats. Make sure whatever you use is safe for cats and anything else living in your home. If in doubt, call the manufacturer and ask them.

3) Do you use a home made cleaning product or a commercially available one?

I've tried home made and commercial cat urine cleaning products over the years. My preference, based on my experiences, is commercial products. I've just found them to be more reliable and less likely to damage the carpet, furniture etc.

Needless to say, there are lots of different commercial products out there, and some are a lot better than others. My recommendation is to buy a product that is an odor neutralizer, not just an odor masker. Neutralizing products contain enzymes that break down the odor-causing components in the urine and kill bacteria. Good pet stores will be able to advise you on the best odor neutralizing products.

4) Whichever product you use, follow the instructions to the letter

This may sound obvious, but sometimes people don't read instructions thoroughly, especially if something seems straightforward. Different cat urine cleaning products will have different methods of application. Some will require dilution. Some will need to be blotted up straight after application. Others will need to be left in place for 24 hours before drying. If you don't follow the exact instructions for your particular product, its effectiveness will reduce.

5) Test any cat urine cleaning products on an inconspicuous area first

This is pretty obvious really, but thought I'd add it for completeness.

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