Cat Vomiting Frequently

by Chanel

My cat problems are with my cat who is now about 4 years old. She has recently started vomiting about 3 times a week.

I would say she seems to still be perfectly normal though she still eats a lot and I'm not sure how much water she consumes cause she has always drank only out of the toilet!!

I have a 15 month old baby around so there is usually food on the ground. Just wondering if you think I should take her into a vet or if it's not so serious?

Reply from Liz (Editor): Vomiting in cats can be a sign of a number of cat health problems, but sometimes it's not. All cats vomit from time to time, and it doesn't always mean there's anything wrong. This page gives more details and asdvice:

Why is my Cat Vomiting?

To understand if the vomiting is potentially serious, you need to take into account the appearance and consistency of it, as well as the frequency with which it's happening. It may just be due to something like cat hairballs (it's the right time of year for these to be worse as cats are losing their winter coats), it could be due to something she's eating (grass and / or other plants are common causes - if this is the case you'll see bits of plants in the vomit), or it could be due to another medical problem.

If it doesn't stop, I'd recommend you take her to the vet just to rule out any potentialy serious cause. The other think I'd also recommend is to stop her drinking out of the toilet. This will rule out anything from the toilet water being the cause of these cat problems, and by getting her to drink out of a bowl, you can see how much she's drinking, which again will be a good indicator of whether anything is wrong.

To stop her drinking from the toilet, just put the lid down or keep her out of the bathroom. When she gets thirsty enough, she'll drink from her bowl.

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