Cats Funny Pictures!

Cats funny pictures. Makes for great human entertainment!

funny picture of persian cat

There's something distinctly amusing about cats. Their facial expressions, combined with their body language and seemingly bizarre behavior makes for great entertainment. I love it when I catch my cat doing something silly on camera - I even let her do naughty things so I can snap her in the act!

I'm pretty sure all cat enthusiasts love funny cat pictures. We all admire the grace, elegance and beauty of out kitties, but we also love it when we see them doing strange, amusing or plain daft things! Hope you like these pics of funny cats as much as I do!

picture of grey persian cat sitting on office chair picture of two cats looking up picture of cat raiding bin
What, you wanna sit here?. No chance!
Food please. NOW!
I've no idea how this happened......

picture of four funny cats looking out of window picture of tuxedo cat sitting in fruit bowl picture of cat stealing from fridge
Look at THAT!
You'll just have to find somewhere else to put the fruit, coz I ain't movin...
The prawns are usually kept on this shelf...

picture of funny persian cat lying in a sink picture of grey persian cat sitting in bag picture of cat and dog stealing food from table
Sigh... No, I wouldn't like to move, thanks...
I'm coming with you!
Go on - you steal one first, then I will...

picture of cat in beer box picture of cat in pram picture of two funny cats sitting on top of each other
I r a bit tipsy...hic...
I like my new bed, thanks for buying it for me!
If your bum wasn't
so big we'd both fit on this thing properly!

picture of grey persian cat on kitchen worktop picture of calico cat in drawer picture of cat looking in fish tank
Did you say get down now? Or you'll do what, exactly?
Well YOU left it open!
I'll have the big one with stripes for dinner!

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