Der Squirtzdrameaner (aka Squirty)

by sondi moore

Squirty was brought to us by her mother, who lived outside and knew we had indoor cats. We know she only wanted the best for her baby and waited one day while we were feeding them outside and she just walked away, leaving the kitten for us.

We found the kitten to be a bit shy and whenever we would pick her up, she would squirt poop regardless of where she was; in our arms, on the table, wherever.

Therefore her new name was to mean "The Squirter". Fortunately she did grow out of it after many months but whenever it happened, you could hear us say, Oh Squirty!

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Squirty was really lucky to be adopted by you!
by: Liz (editor)

Some names for kittens that people think of are really inspired - this one definitely is!

Little Squirty was really lucky to find you (or rather be "donated" to you by her mum!) A lot of people wouldn't put up with this sort of behavior, but with perseverance and patience you managed to get her to overcome her problem. And as you rightly said, it was very likely just all down to nerves and shyness.

You also gave me a good giggle - thank you! I'll remember this story the next time one of my cats "accidentally misses" the litter box by half an inch!

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