by Ffion

We were about to get a couple of weeks old male kitten, there was so many cute, cuddly names we thought about naming him, my mother and father really wanted to name him 'Sid' or 'Chazz', but I really didn't like those names so we was going to go for 'Thomas' because that was our surname and Thomas means male cat so that was what we was planning on calling him, but the day he came he just didn't look like a 'Thomas' - he was a playful tuxedo kitten, who loved to be held, and after 5-10 minutes I thought, 'Dexter' he looked so much like a little Dexter, so that was his name. :)

Reply from Liz (Editor): That's a great name Ffion - I always think it's really hard to think of a name before you actually get a new kitten - I prefer to live with them for a little while and see what they're like before I name them. He sounds adorable!

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