by Nancy
(Gardner, MA)

Tiny Diva and Joey

Tiny Diva and Joey

This lovely Himalayan cat that I got from an animal shelter a few months ago had originally had the name of "Baby". The moment I laid eyes on her she opened her mouth very wide and gave several long meows. For such a tiny package as she is, she produces these long meows with her mouth wide open. She reminded me of an opera singer stuck on one long note, so she was renamed Diva.

Ever since I've gotten her, she has been very vocal when it comes time to feed her and so I get the biggest kick out of her name. I think it's very appropriate for her! Such a huge meow for this tiny package that only weights in at 5.8 pounds! The first time I picked her up I was shocked how tiny she actually is under all that fur. There's nothing wrong with her weight as not a bone projects anywhere. She has a perfect tiny body.

I love her coloring with the dark face and lighter colored body. Diva is a joy to have around and fits in perfectly with my Persian cat, Joey.

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Diva and Joey, you are gorgeous!
by: Liz (editor)

They are both gorgeous!

What Diva lacks in size she clearly makes up for in looks and voice. Great choice of a name for her - I can understand why the shelter called her Baby but I'm sure Diva suits her much better (and it's much more unusual).

Thank you for your story, and for your lovely photo.

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