Feliway Diffuser and Feliway Refill...
Possible Solution to Cat Behavior Problems

A Feliway diffuser can be very effective if you're struggling with difficult cat behavior issues such as excessive meowing, peeing or pooping in the wrong places, aggression, destructive behavior or a generally stressed out cat.

Feliway for Cats - Common Questions & Answers

What does Feliway do?

It can have a reassuring, calming effect on cats, the result of which is a happier Kitty who's less likely to show the sorts of behavioral problems listed above.

What exactly is Feliway?

It's a man-made pheromone substitute. OK, in English :-)

Cats (and other animals) produce substances called pheromones. These are chemicals produced by an animal which cause a specific reaction in other animals of the same species.

Feliway contains a man-made copy of the facial pheromone that cats use to mark things in their environment - i.e. when they wipe their chin against furniture etc. to "leave their scent." This pheromone has a reassuring, calming effect.

Is Feliway safe?

Yes, it's safe for cats, other animals and humans.

Does it have an effect on humans or other animals?

No, it only has an effect on cats.

What is its effect on cats and how can it help with cat behavior problems?

It essentially has a calming and de-stressing effect.

Many classic cat behavior problems (e.g. litter box problems, aggressive cat behavior, excessive cat meowing, furniture scratching etc. come about because the cat is stressed. In other words, the "bad" behavior is the cat's way of dealing with the stress it's feeling.

This 30 second video is a good summary of the sorts of problems that Feliway for cats can help with:

At some point in their lives, the majority of cats will get stressed, even if they're the most pampered cat on the planet. Lots of changes - e.g. a home move, upheaval at home such as remodeling, redecorating, a new baby, additional cat or other pet, someone moving in / out of the home etc. etc. - can all result in a stressed out cat.

A Feliway diffuser can have a calming effect on cats, reducing their stress levels and at the same time stopping their bad behavior.

How does a Feliway diffuser work?

It plugs into the wall and the Feliway is released slowly (like a plug-in air freshener). When it's empty, a Feliway refill is available.

Feliway is odorless and colorless. It's also available in a spray form.

Where should I plug it in?

photo of happy relaxed cat asleep

It's best to put it in the room where the cat spends most of its time. It should be plugged in somewhere that isn't blocked by furniture, doors etc. so it can circulate freely.

How long should I use it for?

A minimum of 4 weeks - even if (for example) after 2 weeks there's been a considerable improvement in Kitty's behavior. It should be used 24/7 - i.e. it shouldn't be switched off at night.

How long will it take to work?

This depends on the nature and severity of the problem you're trying to deal with. Some cats will show an improvement very quickly (within days), with others it may take a few weeks.

Does a Feliway diffuser always solve the problem?

No, but in many cases it will solve or at least improve it. It's a relatively small outlay for a potentially very big gain, so I believe it's worth a try.

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