Female Cat's Eating Using Paws

by Marie

I have a two and half year old nuetered female cat who has an odd habit - she eats food from her paw. She take food from her bowl and eats it from her paw. Why does she do this?

Reply from Liz (Editor): I don't know the answer to this question for sure but I think I can make an educated guess.

Some cats don't like it if their whiskers touch their food bowl when they're eating, and some don't like getting food accidentally stuck in their facial fur.

If your cat is long haired, and / or her whiskers touch the sides of her bowl when she eats, she may not like this. So by taking the food out with her paw, she can eat it without either of those things happening.

If this is the reason she's doing it, you've got one very bright cat there! It must look pretty cute too!

Thank you for your question.

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