Female Kitten Names - Nooshka

by Liza
(Glasgow, U.K.)



Nooshka was my kitten's name name when I adopted her from the Cats Protection League. The name suited her so I kept it.

Reply from Liz (Editor): This is a lovely name, really unusual. And she is gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely photo.

Your photo and story reminded me that I haven't yet mentioned the Cats Protection League anywhere on my website, and I really should do. I love this charity, I worked in one of their rescue centers for 3 years, and it was here I learned so much about cats.

For those people not familiar with the Cats Protection League, it's a UK charity that (as the name sounds) takes in stray and unwanted cats. It has a no-kill policy, so the cats are kept there until they're re-homed - however long it takes - and some stay there for the rest of their lives as long term residents.

As well as having shelters across the UK, it also has a large number of volunteers who foster cats in their own homes until they are better (if they're sick) or until a new home can be found for them.

If you live in the UK, you can support them in many ways, including donations, volunteering, fundraising, donating stuff to their charity shops, fostering cats etc. etc. The link below gives more information:

Cats Protection League

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by: nooshka

hello, i'm a deaf white cat also named Nooshka

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