Free Cat Toys For
Preventing Furniture Scratching

There are some free cat toys you can easily obtain or make that will help discourage Kitty from destroying your house. Kitty needs a lot of cat toys to keep her entertained and stop her scratching the furniture through boredom.

cat playing in christmas tree

If you're on a tight budget, some extra free toys may provide a valuable addition to the ones you've bought. Here are some ideas:

1) Get Kitty a log!

Cats love to scratch trees. They love the feel of the bark. If your kitty can't get outside to scratch trees, bring a piece of log indoors for her. You can be creative here - you could screw several different pieces of log to a carpet-covered MDF base, for example. If one or more of these is big enough for Kitty to sit on top of, even better! Attach toys and pieces of rope to the logs. Sprinkle catnip and treats around. Make it fun!

2) More ideas for free cat toys

  • Wine and champagne corks (or cava corks, if you're on my budget!) make great cat toys. Cats like the erratic way they roll around.
  • Put some dry food treats into a little box with a hole cut in one side, so Kitty has to fish them out with her paws.
  • Get a kitchen roll inner tube and seal one end. Put some of Kitty's treats, some catnip and a couple of her favorite toys in it. Cover the open end with your hand and shake the tube from side to side so the goodies are evenly distributed along it, then lay it on the floor. She'll easily get the treats at the open end but will need to use her brain to get the ones further away...
  • Get a square of baking foil and put some catnip on it. Screw it up and throw it - instant Kitty football!

Scattering Kitty's toys around her cat scratching post will encourage her to use her post more - further diverting her attention away from the furniture.

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