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If you've managed to capture your cat or kitten doing anything crazy, funny, cute or just plain daft we'd love to see it on this page! Or If you haven't got a video of your own cat but have found one you love of another cat, we'd love to see that here too!

You can upload kitten and cat videos from You Tube, Metacafe etc. - just copy the embed code at the side of the video on those sites then paste it into the box below.

If you have time, we'd also love to know the story behind the video - for example if it's your cat, what was happening when you took the video, or if it's someone else's, why you like it so much. You can type the story into the box too.

Your video will have its own page, and other visitors will be able to comment and rate it too (don't worry, I don't allow unpleasant or negative comments to be published).

So... Grab your favorite funny kitten videos and cute cat videos and join in the Mew Tube party!

What's Your Favorite Cat Video?
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If there's a video you love of a cat or kitten doing anything crazy, funny, cute or just plain daft, please share it - and tell us why you love it!

Just copy the video's Embed code from You Tube, Metacafe etc. and paste it into the box below along with anything you want to write about it.

Funny Cat Clips From Other Visitors

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The Cats with Thumbs Ad - The Best Cat Video Ever!!! 
Hi, my name is Erin, I live and work in the UK but am from the USA. I've noticed a lot of visitors to your website are American, and when I saw …

Cat drinking milk 
I think he's enjoying it.... The speed his tongue is going is amazing!

Funny and cute kitten playing 
I noticed stray cats come up to my porch, saw the cute kitten and instantly started recording! Reply from Liz (Editor): Thanks very …

Talking Cat Rigi Saying "Hello" Not rated yet
This cat really sounds like he's saying "hello!"

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