Funny Cat Videos - The Best!

I've got together a collection of funny cat videos that I think are some of the best around.

There are thousands of cat videos available now, but I've deliberately only included videos that I think are really good.

I've started the collection with a few funny cat videos on this page. If you scroll past these, you'll see links to more videos.

I really hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do!

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picture of sleeping british shorthair kitten

Funny Cat Videos

1) Get me my dinner!

This cartoon really made me laugh, in part because the starring cat reminds me so much in both looks and tactics of my cat Priscilla. I'm sure all cat owners will empathize with poor old Simon as he's trying to watch his favorite TV show...

2) I want my breakfast!

Here's Simon's cat again, trying various methods to wake him up. Very funny...

3) How to get the printer to work

"I WILL make you work, you stupid printer!" This cat deserves a top job in IT...

4) The clever, the funny and the crazy...

Here's a selection of cats doing things that are either clever, bizarre or completely crazy. What do they have in common? They're all funny, cute and entertaining!

5) Cute cat pictures

I had a play with Windows Movie Maker and put together a collection of some of my favorite cat pictures. Some are pictures I got from the internet, some are pictures of much-loved cats owned by me, my friends and my family over the years. This definitely isn't one of the best cat videos around, but it's given me a chance to compile a picture collection of some of my best feline friends, past and present, so I hope you don't mind me including it...

Talking Cats!
Whoever said cats couldn't talk was clearly wrong. Watch these funny cat videos for the proof!

Cat Cerebellar Hypoplasia - All Cat Lovers Should Know About This
Cerebellar hypoplasia is a little known about disease that looks a lot worse than it actually is. Because of this, some kittens and cats with it get destroyed. This video is of the adorable Charley, who has the disease but also lives a happy, full life. It isn't funny, but it's so good I had to include it. Get the tissues ready...

Funny Kitten Videos
Adorable kittens doing cute and silly things, as only kittens can!

Cats on Catnip Video Clips
Watch cats get silly, excited and act very cute when they're under the influence of catnip!

How to Draw a Cat
Step by step guide and easy to follow videos for drawing cartoon cats and portraits of cats.

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