Funny Cats - Great Pictures!

Funny cats are a great source of amusement. It's difficult to put your finger on exactly why, but I think it's something to do with the difference between how they're perceived and what they actually do.

What do I mean by that? Cats are perceived as being aloof, acting superior and wanting everything on their terms. So, when they do something that reflects that perceived character, it's funny. But also, when they do things that are clearly out of that character, it's also really funny.

The bottom line for us cat lovers? Lots of opportunities to be amused by our fabulous feline companions either acting in - or out of - character! Here are some funny cat pictures that I hope you really like!

picture of cat stealing sausages
picture of sphynx cat with huge ears
picture of grey persian cat with mouth wide open
If I just take one they'll never notice...
What do you mean my ears are big? I think yours are stupid!

picture of cat and baby sitting on armchair picture of ginger cat sitting on piano picture of ginger cat tucked up in bed
Exactly how much am I getting paid for babysitting?
Move me at your peril...
OK I shouldn't be here but I'm so cute you won't make me move!

picture of cat and baby sitting on armchair picture of cat sleeping with paws above head picture of grey persian cat with glowing eyes
If you loved me you'd let me stay here!
All this doing nothing is totally exhausting!
No it's not your laptop case. It's my new bed!

picture of staring grey cat
picture of persian cat sitting on computer keyboard
picture of cat and dog stealing food out of fridge
Wanna fight?
This is so easy. I've added 50 pages to your letter by just sitting here for 20 seconds...
Shush! You'll wake them up before we find anything worth eating!

picture of ginger cat trying to get a big fish
picture of ginger cat with 3 dogs
picture of grey cat rolling round on floor
Come here - I just want to talk to you!
I may be outnumbered - but I'm never outwitted...
Sorry you tripped over me, hope you're not hurt... HA HA HA HA!

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