Funny Kitten Videos

I hope you like the funny kitten videos on this page as much as I do. I watched loads of kitten videos and selected these as the ones I thought were the best.

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picture of sleeping british shorthair kitten

Funny Kitten Videos

1) Get out of the food bowl!

These funny kittens are absolutely priceless. One has fallen asleep with his head in their food bowl. The other is trying various methods to wake him up and move him...

2) I don't want to go to sleep yet!

This little kitten was captured on video just as he couldn't stop himself from falling asleep. He's at the edge of his bed, trying to stay awake, but it just ain't happening...

3) I'm not getting out of this box for anything!

This kitty has managed to take prize position in a tissue box. His brothers and sisters are desperately trying to get him out, and to get in there with him, but he's not having any of it!

4) Hmm...what will I have for dinner tonight?

I know - chicken! A WHOLE chicken!

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