Care Of House Cats

The number of house cats (those who are permanently kept indoors) is increasing. This isn't really surprising - there are now so many dangers to cats outdoors that many worried owners just don't feel it's safe to let their kitties out unsupervised any more.

Some of the dangers to cats outside include:

  • Traffic - millions of cats die every year as a result of road traffic accidents
  • Malicious people - unfortunately there are cat haters around who will take any opportunity they can get to hurt a cat
  • Other animals - for example dogs, foxes or even other cats that can pass on incurable diseases like cat leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus.
  • Toxins - such as insecticides, poisonous plants and, unfortunately, poisons deliberately put down for cats

picture of house cat on cat tree

Indoor cats can lead very happy lives, but they do need to be entertained more than cats that are allowed outdoors.

If house cats aren't stimulated enough, they'll get bored and may start exhibiting destructive behavior such as furniture scratching. They may also become stressed, which can lead to a number of problems including aggressive cat behavior, litter box problems, depression and even hair loss (due to pulling it out as a stress response.)

Here are some ideas for keeping house cats entertained, happy and stress-free:

1) Get some good cat furniture

There are some very good cat trees, cat condos etc. available now, and if you shop around on the Internet, you should be able to find some great bargains. A good cat tree or cat scratching post with lots of Kitty's toys around it will keep him amused for hours - and will reduce his urge to destroy your furniture and wallpaper.

2) Make sure Kitty has plenty of toys!

The more toys Kitty has, the wider his choice of entertainment. Click on these links for advice on buying and using cat toys, and ideas for free cat toys.

3) Use catnip

If your Kitty likes catnip, sprinkling some around will provide great entertainment for him - and you!

4) Grow some special cat grass indoors

This is available from good pet stores. It satisfies your kitty's urge to eat grass and lessens the likelihood of him munching on other household plants (some of which could be poisonous.)

5) Provide seats for your cat near windows

picture of kitten in bin playing with toy

Cats are very inquisitive by nature, and love to watch what's going on. Providing seats near windows will help to entertain your house cat. They also allow him to sit in the sun, which he'll love.

6) Play a DVD on your TV especially designed for cats

No I haven't gone crazy - they do exist! And some cats absolutely love them! Even if your cat isn't that interested in the DVD, they're fairly cheap to buy, so you won't waste loads of money.

As well as the above suggestions, it's important that you do set aside some time every day to play with your indoor cat. If you only have one cat, consider getting a second. Two house cats can entertain each other much better than one can entertain himself!

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