How to Draw a Cat the Easy Way!

Have you ever wished you knew how to draw a cat?

how to draw a catBeen envious of some great pictures of cats that other people have drawn but not known how to do it yourself?

This page gives some simple guidelines for drawing cats.

First, there's a step by step guide for drawing this really cute longhaired cartoon type kitty. Then there are some easy to follow videos on how to draw cats both cartoon style and portrait style.

Armed with this and a bit of patience and practice you'll be drawing great pictures of cats in no time!

So, without any further introduction let's get down to it...

How to Draw a Cat in 7 Easy Steps

1) Draw the eyes

2) Draw the nose and mouth

3) Draw the hair round the face
Use the nose as a central point and draw lines coming out from it all the way round, being careful not to draw them through the eyes

4) Draw the ears

5) Draw an oval shape to form the outline of the body

6) Fill in the body shape with long lines and add the tail

7) Add the legs and you're done!

Variations on the Theme

You can vary this drawing to produce some different results - for example, on the picture below we've altered the shape of the eyes and mouth, given kitty some big whiskers and put her into a sitting position rather than standing.
how to draw a cat

How to Draw a Cat Videos

Here are some videos of people drawing cats. I've picked videos that are easy to follow and pictures of cats that vary in difficulty to draw. Hopefully you'll find one you like and are able to use.

1) Cartoon cats

There are 3 videos here of people drawing cartoon cats, the most simple one is first and the most difficult last.

2) Tabby cat from photo

This tabby is drawn from a photo using a grid system, which makes it much easier to draw cat pictures that would otherwise be quite complicated to do.

3) Siamese cat

This Siamese cat's head looks really good when it's finished and is quite easy to do if you follow the steps as they're shown.

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Have fun!

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