Kitten Care

This section of the website is all about kitten care.

Getting a new kitten is so exciting, but it can be a bit daunting too, especially if it's your first one.

If you're worried about getting your first baby cat, fear not!

Keeping kittens safe, healthy and happy isn't as impossible as you may initially think. Forward preparation - which is what you're doing by reading this - really helps.

This section of the website is designed to give you the essential basic kitten care information you'll need.

Please click on the text links below to learn more on any subject you're interested in.

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1) Important basic information

How to Choose a Kitten

Tips for recognizing healthy kittens and figuring out the different personalities in the litter.

Kitten Gender - How to tell the Boys from the Girls!

It's easy when you know how! Learn this really useful skill so you can tell the boys from the girls with confidence.

Taking Care Of Kittens - How to make your Home Safe

Hazards for baby cats explained - room by room. Learn practical tips for keeping your new baby safe.

Feeding Kittens

A list of important do's and don'ts when deciding what (and when) to feed your kittens.

Kitten Fleas - Essential Information

Fleas on kittens must be dealt with or they can cause anemia. But - you can't use adult cat flea treatments on a young kitten. Find out what to do here.

Kitten Development

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When do kittens start to hear? Smell? See? When do they purr? When do they get their teeth? Walk? Play? Find out how kittens develop from 0 - 12 weeks old.

2) Choosing a name

Names for Cats and Kittens - Tips for Choosing a Good Name

Some names are better than others. This page gives some really useful, practical tips for choosing a good name.

Training a Kitten to Learn Its Name

This is quite easy when you know how to do it - and it really helps with training and general safety too.

Lists of Names

Can't think of a name? Click on the links below for hundreds of suggestions!

Names for Kittens

Cute Kitten Names A - Z

Female Kitten Names A - M

Girl Kitten Names N - Z

Male Kitten Names A - M

Boy Kitten Names N - Z

3) Socialization

Introducing a New Kitten to Your Resident Cat

Find out how to do this with the least amount of stress, to help your pets get off to a great start together.

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Raising Kittens so They Grow into Confident, Happy Cats

How to raise happy, confident, well-balanced kittens that will turn into happy adults.

Taming Feral Kittens

Tips and advice for doing this effectively.

4) Pictures and Videos

Click on the links below for some great pictures and videos!

Funny Kitten Pictures

More Pictures of Kittens

Funny Kitten Videos

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