Kitten Vomits When He Eats Raw Chicken Including Chicken Necks

by Jason
(Melbourne, Australia)

When my 10 month neutered male Ragdoll cat eats raw chicken, every time he does, he vomits.

I would like him to get some benefit from eating at bones (chicken necks) but he vomits... are there any other bones that are safe to give my cats to chew (not chicken). I've tried beef bones but they don't seem interested as I think they might be too big and hard for them.

Reply from Liz (Editor): Feeding cats on raw food, and giving them bones to chew on, is something that's not particularly widespread in the UK, but I know it's more popular in Australia.

Natural carnivores such as cats obviously eat raw meat in the wild, so it stands to reason that it should be good for them as pets. However, uncooked meat is more likely to give them food poisoning than cooked meat.

I believe raw lamb bones are a good alternative to chicken for cats. However, it may transpire that your cat has a sensitive stomach and just can't tolerate raw meat of any description.

I've personally never fed cats raw meat or bones, and it's often difficult to find a balanced view on this subject. You either tend to get people who advocate it totally or go to the other extreme, with very little opinion in between. I've found an article on the RSPCA Australia website, which I think doe give a sensible, balanced view and gives some advice on what to feed, how often, what not to feed, other considerations etc:

What Should I Feed My Cat?

I hope this helps. Thank you for your question.

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